vendredi, février 17, 2006

Tile 29

Closer to "normal" landscape - trees! Posted by Picasa

Tile 28

More rule breaking, this time with color - saturated colors in the distance. Posted by Picasa

Tile 27

A busy painting, breaking compositional rules on purpose. Posted by Picasa

Tile 26

A thin streak of red defines the horizon. Posted by Picasa

Tile 25

Still playing with color combinations. Brown, blue, yellow. Posted by Picasa

samedi, février 11, 2006

Tile 24

Mixed media - collage of graph paper glued to canvas, ink sketch of the same cliffs as tile 16, overpainted with thin acrylic. Posted by Picasa

Tile 23

For these latest tiles (17 - 23), I am playing with color, colors chosen for themselves rather than for their representation of the landscape itself. Color on canvas can never capture the intensity of what we see outdoors. To try to recreate this vision, the colors have to lie, have to push themselves onto your eyes, perhaps scream a little... Here, orange, yellow and a bit of blue. Posted by Picasa

Tile 22

Vibrant yellow and orange, a hint of blue green Posted by Picasa

Tile 21

Blue - tropical, summery blue. Posted by Picasa

Tile 20

Ochre and blue create a beach and ocean Posted by Picasa

Tile 19

Purple! Posted by Picasa

Tile 18

Green, paired with red-orange Posted by Picasa

Tile 17

Blue, violet, edged with yellow Posted by Picasa

Tile 16

Cliffs, maybe looming ziggurat? Posted by Picasa

Tile 15

Memories of the summer landscape, on an almost sunny afternoon. Posted by Picasa

Tile 14

In the hills above Espéraza, plowed fields are made ready for the coming spring. Posted by Picasa