mercredi, avril 19, 2006

Tile 33

Still the simplified horizon, an excuse to play with color and texture. An overlay of Caran d'Ache watercolor crayon adds a bit of luminous blue to the underlying acrylic paint. Posted by Picasa

Tile 32

Another tile playing with edges, more of them this time, with subtler colors. Posted by Picasa

Tile 31

Another tile featuring the simplified landscape - a horizon line defined by the edge where colors meet.  Posted by Picasa

Tile 30

I'm back! It's been a trying few weeks - the flu, followed by non-stop work on a website for the upcoming open studios tour "Le Chemin des Artistes" ( But I'm finally finding time to paint again, mostly thanks to the fact that I have 6 American artist friends visiting. These friends are doing a residency at a local contemporary arts center in Ste. Colombe sur l'Hers, where we have our second house. ( Oh yeah - the other, still-being-resolved problem: laptop destroyed by exuberant doggy leaping off the couch and catching her legs in the laptop's umbilical cord. Laptops do not survive backflips onto the floor. Luckily this one's disk survived, although its screen did not. Then came the realization that we didn't want to buy a french laptop which has *very strange* keyboard. Not QWERTY but AWERTY - and many other differences I can't imagine getting used to. But - well, those American artists were on their way, and one of them offered to carry a new laptop to me if I ordered one and sent it to her. Perfect! So the new laptop arrived on March 31. Yay! Thank you Robin and Debbie! I'm still in the process of setting up my old neighborhood on it. This morning it acquired the driver for my digital camera card so I can once more upload images. So, here's a new tile! Posted by Picasa